South Iceland & the Golden Circle road trip Being from the Caribbean I love warm weather, anything below 17 C it’s too cold for me, so Iceland was never on my radar. On the other hand being the travel addict that I am, I can’t say no to a cheap travel deal. Once I had my tickets, it was time to plan my trip and the more I researched, the more it drew me in. I found many, unique experiences and beautiful places I was dying to see and I cared less and less about the weather. After much research, I decided… View Post

Before I started this blog, I decided to ask my friends on my social media what are some of the issues they encounter when it comes to traveling. Two of the answers that came up the most, aside from time, were: 1. money – “plane tickets are so expensive!” 2. destinations – “the airlines always offer the same cities.” In fact, most people start searching for a plane ticket when they’ve already compromised with when and where they are going, which gives them fewer chances of finding cheap travel deals. On a previous post, we talked about How to Find Cheap Airfare using… View Post

THE EARNING MILES MYTHOLOGOGY For the longest time, I thought that earning miles was pointless, that the only way of doing it was by flying only one airline and that implied spending a lot of money to see the benefits. How could anyone be attracted to a concept with so many limitations? Surely, I wasn’t. If there’s one thing I’m well-known for, among my friends, it’s how much I dislike limitations. I didn’t sign up for any loyalty rewards programs for the longest time, but nowadays I’ve changed my tune; I had to do it to keep traveling, there’s no… View Post

EVERYTHING ABOUT STOPOVER FLIGHTS & HOW THEY WORK I love, love, love the stopover method, it is one of the easiest and flexible ways to maximize your travels. It’s perfect for those with limited vacation time because with a multi-city flight, at no additional cost you can cover more ground in a single vacation, without spending extra money. Let’s say you only have ten days a year to go on vacation. If you take then all at once, it limits you to one long distance destination per year. But, thru a stopover flight, you can split the same ten visiting… View Post

Tickets can be the biggest expense of a trip and the deciding factor on whether you are going somewhere or staying home. Not to mention that finding cheap airfare can be a daunting task. Tickets tend to be expensive and confusing. So, how you do you know where and when to find the cheap ones? Or if you are making the right purchase? So many things that make most people just give up on the whole idea. But I promise it is not as complicated as it seems. In this post, I’ll show you how I find cheap airfare, as… View Post