Money Saving Apps That Will Help You Travel More

Money Saving Apps That Will Help You Travel More

Money is one of the top three reasons why most people say they don’t travel. Plane tickets alone tend to be the biggest expense on a trip and what good are travel deals when you don’t have the funds? Saving up money is definitely adulting at its best, and who knows how to successfully do that anyway? As much as we try, the bills never stop coming and it seems like there’s always some additional expense, like a visit to the doctor or this year’s Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, 🙈 that plummets our bank accounts back to $0! Seriously, finding some extra cash is about as difficult as finding the exit door at Ikea.

Luckily, in this modern era we live in, we have a bunch of what I like to call “Adulting Tools” like Youtube cooking classes, Pinterest DIY life hacks (where I get most of my advice) and, apps designed to help us get through life. How my grandparents did it is beyond me. But in this blog post, I’m going to focus on the tools that will help us achieve our travel goals, like the following money saving apps which I’ve reviewed based on my experience with them.


best money saving apps

The thing that I love most about Acorns is that this money saving app genuinely aims to cater to everyone! This has made saving up as easy as possible, as the goal is to let people invest in tiny amounts and benefit from that. Whether you want to save up for a rainy day or travel, this app will help you get there!

Using it is simple, you can deposit a lump sum or set up a recurring deposit. There are two ways of investing: one is by transferring from your bank account whatever amount you’d like to invest, the second one is by allowing the app to round up your purchases to the nearest dollar, investing the amount of the change. So, let’s say you made a purchase for $8.46, the app will round that off to $9.00 and will invest the difference of $0.54.

You can also select how much risk you’d like to take, then Acorns invests the money into low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETF’s)

Money Box: Saving Goals

best money saving apps

Another app that has helped me to save money for travel is Money Box. In my experience, it truly lives up to its name!

Not only does it help you to set up a saving plan and keep it in order, it also helps you stick to it by reminding you of the reason why you started to save in the first place! Great for motivation and controlling your spending. It really helps me to understand where my priorities are and to avoid sabotaging my goals by spending my money in the wrong places like shoe sales and bakeries 😫

Clarity Money

best money saving apps

I like to think about Clarity like my little pocket assistant. This fantastic money saving app analyzes the way you spend, then based on those behaviors it comes up with suggestions to help you save, like canceling subscriptions you don’t use anymore, ways to lower your bills, and finding better credit card deals for you.


best money saving apps

This is the one I keep coming back to because it is so motivating. I personally love that I can use this app as a reward system for every time I reach a goal. I like to set it up with the IFTTT app to automate my habits, turning them into savings.

One of the ways that I use it is by setting up fitness goals. I make it a goal to work out for an hour every day. I track my work out with my Fitbit and IFTTT synchronizes all three applets so every time I reach my goal the app can automatically transfer the set amount into my savings account without me having to even think about it. You can do this with all kinds of activities and productivity goals, as well as setting up the amount you’d like to reward yourself with. Wouldn’t it be great to work towards your travel goals by doing the things you do every day?

It’s also a great app for those with travel buddies because this app will allow you to set shared goals with your friends and save together to go on your next adventure. You can even stay motivated by seeing each other’s progress.


best money saving apps

The cool thing about this app is that it rewards you with bonuses for saving your own money, so it definitely beats the piggy bank in that regard.

Basically, how this app works is by saving small amounts of money daily, based on how much you earn and spend. The money can be withdrawn anytime with no limits, but when you end up saving with Digit you’re rewarded a 1% bonus, so the more you save with them, the bigger the cut. Not to mention that it makes it harder to spend the money you’re saving because you’d have to transfer it first. I like that kind of limit, it helps me resist on purchases that I don’t really need.

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Cheers & Happy Travels.


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