I’ll be 30 in March next year, and every time I think about it, I can’t help but feel a little bit scared. I don’t know what to expect from crossing the line into my thirties. I have this feeling of being close to the end of something, like approaching the end of a book. The book of my 20’s, but before going to bed every night I can see the next volume sitting on my nightstand waiting to be read, but it has no synopsis or reviews on the back cover, and then I remember I have to write… View Post

Travel in 2018 is definitely starting to look better than ever. Major airlines are needing to compete more with the low budget airlines so flying to popular destinations is now cheaper. It’s totally commonplace to find tickets to Europe from $400 to $600 dollars just scrolling through Facebook on any given day. However, just because the plane ticket is affordable, doesn’t mean that the rest of the trip will be, too. Keep in mind that affordable airfare ≠ affordable travel So, to successfully travel in 2018 without going over budget you’ll need to be a little strategic about where you… View Post

Planning a trip to Bali for the first time is not an easy task, so first let’s get you in “Bali mood” with this playlist and let’s get to it. Hopefully this guide will make planning easy and fun for you. They say that the best things come in small packages and this whimsical little island is pack with things to do and filled with happy kindhearted people. Delicious food is everywhere, the beaches are decadent and the culture is vibrant and colorful. Oh, and did I mention, it’s incredibly affordable? Bali is by far my favorite destination and all… View Post

One of the questions I get asked the most is: How do you get to travel so much? Followed by, Where do you find the money to travel? And my personal favorite, Are you rich or something? Here are the short answers: Creative calendar, small sacrifices and I wish! But that doesn’t tell you much does it? In fact, you’re probably thinking that the only thing we have in common is that neither one of us is rich. You may be right, but luckily that’s the only thing we need to make it work. We can do so much more… View Post

Money Saving Apps That Will Help You Travel More Money is one of the top three reasons why most people say they don’t travel. Plane tickets alone tend to be the biggest expense on a trip and what good are travel deals when you don’t have the funds? Saving up money is definitely adulting at its best, and who knows how to successfully do that anyway? As much as we try, the bills never stop coming and it seems like there’s always some additional expense, like a visit to the doctor or this year’s Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, 🙈 that plummets our… View Post